Deploy a Safety Module

To deploy a SafetyModule, call CozySafetyModuleManager.createSafetyModule:

/// @notice Deploys a new SafetyModule with the provided parameters.
/// @param owner_ The owner of the SafetyModule.
/// @param pauser_ The pauser of the SafetyModule.
/// @param configs_ The configuration for the SafetyModule.
/// @param salt_ Used to compute the resulting address of the SafetyModule.
function createSafetyModule(
    address owner_,
    address pauser_,
    UpdateConfigsCalldataParams calldata configs_,
    bytes32 salt_
) external returns (ISafetyModule safetyModule_);

See Define Safety Module Configuration for how to define configs_ , and Permissions and Authorization for how to define owner_ and pauser_. It is recommended that the salt_ is randomly generated.

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