Stakers can immediately unstake from a Rewards Manager.

Using CozyRouter to unstake assets

The recommended way to programmatically unstake assets is to call CozyRouter.unstake (see CozyRouter):

function unstake(
    IRewardsManager rewardsManager_,
    uint16 stakePoolId_,
    uint256 stakeReceiptTokenAmount,
    address receiver_
) public payable returns (uint256 stakeAssetAmount_);

This method will internally callRewardsManager.unstake.

Prior to calling this function, the user must have approved CozyRouter to a spend sufficient amount of their StakePool.stakeReceiptToken balance.

Unstake mechanics

On RewardsManager.unstake, we follow the following steps:

  • Claim rewards on behalf of the owner_, transferring the reward assets to receiver_.

  • Decrement StakePool.amount.

  • Burn the owner_'s stake receipt tokens.

  • Transfer the receiver_ the relevant amount of stake assets.

  • Emit a Unstaked event.

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