Ownable Trigger Factory

The OwnableTriggerFactory deploys triggers that allow an authed address to transition the trigger to the TRIGGERED state.

Determine Trigger Parameters

struct TriggerMetadata {
  // The name that should be used for safety modules that use the trigger.
  string name;
  // A human-readable description of the trigger.
  string description;
  // The URI of a logo image to represent the trigger.
  string logoURI;
  // Extra metadata for the trigger.
  string extraData;

/// @notice Deploys a new OwnableTrigger contract with the supplied owner and deploy salt.
/// @param _owner The owner of the trigger, allowed to trigger the deployed trigger.
/// @param _metadata The metadata of the trigger.
/// @param _salt Used during deployment to compute the address of the new OwnableTrigger.
function deployTrigger(address _owner, TriggerMetadata memory _metadata, bytes32 _salt)
returns (OwnableTrigger _trigger);

The _owner address is allowed to call OwnableTrigger.trigger() to transition the trigger to the TRIGGERED state.

/// @notice Callable by the owner to transition the state of the trigger to triggered.
function trigger() external;

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