Redeem Undripped Rewards

Depositors are able to redeem undripped rewards from a Rewards Manager. On a redemption:

  • The depositor's receipt tokens are burned.

  • Undripped reward assets are transferred to the specified receiver address.

Using CozyRouter to redeem undripped rewards

The recommended way to programmatically deposit rewards assets is to call CozyRouter.redeemRewardPoolDepositReceiptTokens (see CozyRouter):

function redeemRewardPoolDepositReceiptTokens(
    IRewardsManager rewardsManager_,
    uint16 rewardPoolId_,
    uint256 depositReceiptTokenAmount_,
    address receiver_
) external payable returns (uint256 assetsReceived_);

This method will internally call RewardsManager.redeemUndrippedRewards.

Prior to calling this function, the user must have approved CozyRouter to a spend sufficient amount of their RewardPool.depositReceiptToken balance.

Instead of specifying a depositReceiptTokenAmount_ to redeem, the user can also specify an rewardAssetAmount_ to withdraw and call CozyRouter.withdrawRewardPoolAssets.

Previewing a redemption

RewardsManager.previewUndrippedRewardsRedemption returns the amount of reward assets to be returned on a redemption.

Redemption mechanics

RewardsManager.redeemUndrippedRewards takes the following steps:

  • Check it the Rewards Manager is ACTIVE. If so, drip any pending rewards.

  • Compute the relevant amount of undripped rewards to be returned.

  • Burn the owner_'s deposit receipt tokens.

  • Update the RewardPool.undrippedRewards value.

  • Transfer the returned undripped rewards to the receiver_ address.

  • Emit a RedeemedUndrippedRewards event.

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